The Middle Child: Lulu

Name: Lulu
Age: 3 years
Breed: Westie
Likes: barking at cats, squeaking her beanie babies, being the center of attention, looking out the window, my boyfriend (JTE)

Oh, Lulu. She can be such a sweet girl, but she also has some social skills/bullying issues going on. I randomly, and taking her home was probably the most spontaneous decision I’ve ever made. My dad and I were in the car, and noticed that a lady was holding Lulu up, almost like she was showing her to anyone that might look her way. It was odd, and she was in a parking lot where people usually go when they have puppies to sell. My dad said, “Hey, that dog looks like yours. Let’s see what she’s doing,” and pulled off the road. I thought it would be odd to walk up to this lady and say, “Hey, your dog looks kinda like my daughter’s,” so I stayed in the car while he did that. It turns out that Lulu was given to her by a relative, and they couldn’t take care of her due to family issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also had to do with Lulu’s high energy and stubborn personality…she’s a terrier, after all. 🙂 Lulu isn’t just any dog on the side of the road though…she has AKC papers.

Lulu’s been through the basic training class, and knows the basic commands. She was definitely the ADHD dog in the class though. While all the other dogs would sit quietly, her whole body would twitch and she’d wiggle around while she was trying to sit and wait patiently for her treat. While R-dog is focused on a person and their words, Lulu is aware of everything around her. She loves to run around squeaking her beanie baby toys, and will play fetch/chase if you throw them for her. She likes to snuggle, but usually that means that she’ll jump up and get in your face (that’s where her social skills issues kick in). We’re working on that though.

While she can be quick to snip at another dog, Lulu is very intuitive and gentle with children. I watched my nephew (around 18 months) this summer, and I was shocked to see how she played with him. When she plays fetch with adults, she’ll run around and want you to chase her and grab the ball from her. When she played with Baby C, she would run get the ball, lie down at his feet, and drop the ball between her paws for him. It might take a little while before he would throw it, but she’d wait patiently until he did. It seemed very clear to me that she was simplifying the game for him so they could play together.

The last important thing about Lulu is that she’s in love with my boyfriend, JTE. I know dogs like other people and such, but this is just weird. She’ll sit on his lap and gaze into his eyes, and will sneak around other dogs (and me) to get closer to him. When he’s not looking, she’ll give him a quick lick on the face. I’m pretty sure that, if she had choosing rights and we broke up, she’d choose to go with him.

Lulu definitely keeps life interesting. She’s a sweet and playful girl who just doesn’t always know how to act. I love her lots, and she definitely keeps me on my toes.