Hello world!

I’ve done the blogging thing before, without much success. I’ve realized, though I always hated writing when I was in school, that writing things out makes things better. It gives me a feeling that I’m sharing with others, even if no one is there to read. My thoughts have to be organized so I can write them, and that in turn helps me figure them out a little better. So we’ll see how this goes.

In an effort to be more successful, I’ve made myself a list of rules.

1. Posts do not have to have pictures! In the past, I have felt that every blog post needed a picture to make it worth reading. This led to an avoidance of writing if I didn’t have a good picture to post, or a feeling that I had to go get a picture before I could post anything.

2. Blog entries can be short!┬áSometimes I get writing and I just go on and on. This leads to the problem of “I don’t have time to blog” because I don’t have an hour to write it out.

3. It doesn’t have to be perfect! While some things in my life are far from perfect, I tend to over-analyze and over-proofread when I write thing (particularly if they’re on the internet). Since I never felt like I was a good writer, I developed a writing style that fits with my need to sound intelligent…which worked for me in college and graduate school. ­čÖé Now, however, I’m writing a blog! Loosen up a little, will ya?

4. Set a schedule/routine.┬áThis is something I’m working on in all areas of life right now, and hopefully blogging will just fall in line with everything else.

For now, I’m off to be productive. I’ve started an end-of-summer cleaning spree, and I am starting to see little glimmers of light at the end of the long trail of cleaning and organization. It’s a nice feeling. ­čÖé